Extensive CCNA/ICND2 Lab Guide

As promised, I have completed the ICND2/CCNA level lab project for those of you studying toward that certification.  I have done my best to map this to the various 200-101 requirements and again based it on Packet Tracer.  You may download it at ICND2 Lab Project Exercises 7-2014.  In addition, to simplify the process of getting the startup file, you may download that file here.


7 Responses to “Extensive CCNA/ICND2 Lab Guide”

  1. Thanks for the lab, the link http://http//www.gracestonecompany.com/CCNA-Lab-Startup.pkt is not working.


  2. captainmonroe Says:

    Good morning, Joe. I am half asleep still, but reading your email about the lab. In trying to download the link, there appeared to be an error.


  3. Good morning, Joe!
    Just wanted to thank you for the ICND1 Lab. I have started working with it and I already feel confident about initial configuration. I do have a question, I tried to enter the switchport mode access command in the line mode but the switch CLI does not recognize it. Maybe I am missing some small detail, but just wanted to ask in case there is something I can do to enter this configuration.
    Thank you again so much for creating these labs, there is very little help like yours out there!
    A BIG thank you again!

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