CCNA Challenge Lab!

As I wrapped up another class on ICND2, I created a fairly comprehensive lab that covers many of the major topics on the ICND2 exam.  Take a look, I certainly hope it helps with the preparation process for the CCNA!

ICND2 Course Labs – Comprehensive Lab Packet Tracer Version

– Joe

Twitter: @jjrinehart

12 Responses to “CCNA Challenge Lab!”

  1. Bill Norton Says:

    Any chance you would make the pkt file available for this lab?
    I believe I could reproduce it from the picture but a file would be less problematic. Thanks.

  2. That would be a big help. Thanks for the write up.

  3. Hi there Joe! Thanks for your interesting labs, they are quite helpful. There is one thing however, which I think all of us CCNA students would deeply appreciate and that is a few challenge labs. I understand a challenge lab as one where you have a topology given to you, with some configuration settings and then you have requirements to fulfill for the client, etc without any instructions on how to do it.
    The answer to each step could be placed at the very end of the pdf file so we could look at it if we are stuck. I have not been able to find a single product out there that achieves this and I have bought a lot of material to no avail.
    Let me know your thoughts Joe, thank you very much!!

    • jjrinehart Says:

      That’s a great idea! The biggest amount of work is already done, all I would need to do is break everything apart and then spell it out according to your suggestion. I will try to get something done on this shortly.

    • Gretchen Says:

      I agree with this statement. Once you have the commands, it’s greatly needed to understand the problems in the network, not just setup another network. Most of the time you need to be able to find issues in the network and that is how the test is too. Thanks for setting this up.

  4. Adrian Wyn Says:

    Hello. I am studying for part 2 now. Any tips or suggestions to further my book studying?

    • jjrinehart Says:

      Yes, use labs like these for practice and/or configure the elements you are studying in each lesson. It makes a HUGE difference!

  5. Zach Taylor Says:

    This is great however an interface chart would make things a heck of a lot less frustrating!

  6. OSPF configuration has alot of typos which make it confusing

    • jjrinehart Says:

      I have tried to catch as many as possible but knowing where teh typos are can help me improve this…

      • Sorry, of course Joe. R4 OSPF config for Fa0/1. Thanks for putting this lab together. Also where is the internet router?

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