CCNA Lab Projects

I normally do not post more than once a day but wanted to get these documents back out there, I have created another CCNA Lab Project that was an absolute blast to come up with.  It’s amazing what you can create with just a pen and paper while taking off in an airplane!

Here are the highlights:

  1. Simulated Metro-Ethernet Primary Network
  2. Internet Access at Remote Sites
  3. VPN/GRE Backup Network
  4. Multiple Routing Protocols
  5. A Few Mind Bending Twists Thrown In

Here are the links to the documents, I deployed this in my own lab and will be compiling an answer key for #2.  Enjoy!

Project 1:

CCNA Lab Project Document 12-18-2010

Project 2:

** Just Added Project #3 **

– Joe

15 Responses to “CCNA Lab Projects”

  1. Frank Chiampa Says:

    Hi Joe:
    I am blown away by your urls, I have takr
    en the CCNA exam 4 times & have failed 4 times now I know why !!
    Thank you for your knowledge & expertise.


  2. Hi Joe,

    AWESOME work on putting together the labs !!!!!!

    I am CCNA certified currently working on CCNP. I must say, the labs you have created are not only thourough and in depth for the CCNA candidates but also A GREAT primer for CCNP studies due to the fact that you are implementing such components as Loopback Interfaces, Redistribution and a few other pieces that aren’t generally a part of the CCNA curriculum. Nice work … keep it up !!

  3. hi, u’r working is really grate,
    but as a fresher i am facing one problem with u’r images is,
    i want commands also to do practice
    so please from next time on-words mention the list of commands

  4. Hi Joe,

    Labs are awesome,

    Where can I find lab solutions?


  5. nice work…………..:)

  6. sir plz tell me how to pass CCNA paper in first attempt..
    because i m too nervous because CCNA is too expensive…

  7. do these projects have any websites for answers?

  8. Manjunath Says:

    Good Lab Projects Sir, But i Find Command Line Missing, Please Do upload command Lines Too Sir….would be really great for CCNA Beginers

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