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Something NEW!!

Posted in Uncategorized on November 12, 2009 by jjrinehart

As my latest LinkedIn update states, I am on the verge of completing my first non-fiction book…

I am no stranger to writing, I began doing that in the sixth grade as it was a cheap hobby, a constructive escape, and a way to express myself.  My teenage/adolescent years were far from ideal and it turned into a great coping mechanism as well as just plain fun.  I started writing scripts first, dealing with science fiction topics, and in fact the first story was a cheap spinoff of the “Six Million Dollar Man” for those of you who can remember the 1970’s.  After Star Wars came out, I morphed the story into a space epic, which evolved enough on its own to actually be its own story.  That started out as a 90 page short book and at my last edit it was over 110,000 words!  In that story line, I have two completed manuscripts and parts of half a dozen others, along with some stories of my childhood in an incomplete volume of its own.

In truth, however, I have been writing non-fiction for the better part of thirteen years, since I moved to Washington, in the form of bi-weekly newpaper columns in both the Federal Way News and Federal Way Mirror, the latter of which I still make submissions to.  My older daughter (Jeanna) is a superior fiction writer and I have jokingly said that after reading her work I will not sully the written word with any more contributions, in the fiction category at least.

One of the remarkable things I notice about my non-fiction style is how smoothly it flows off the pen for me, proverbially speaking.  Fiction is an art of its own and requires attention to dialogue, attention to detail, imagination, and narrative style, in order to tell the story correctly.  While I do that to a certain degree, it does not come as easily as the non-fiction material does—who knows, maybe it comes from all the years of preparing and delivering messages to congregations, or just the practice of the newspaper columns.

The book my wife and I are about to complete started out as a simple suggestion, which turned into an idea, and grew into something that took a life of its own.  This has really been an interesting experience and I look forward to the message of hope and encouragement it will bring to others.  Stay tuned  for more!